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Proofreading depositions starting at 45 cents per page (includes light research). Page rate may run higher for wall2wall and/or transcripts that require heavy corrections.

The starting page rate for court proceedings, public hearings, and meetings is 50 cents.

Expedite and daily rates vary depending on the due date and type of job.

Click here for a 2020 proofreader/scopist page rate survey conducted by Best Scoping Techniques.

I do not read transcripts in ALL CAPS format. If that is a required format for you, kindly provide a transcript to me in the regular format and include a note so that I know not to bother with capitalization rules.

Regular turnaround time for most transcripts is 3 - 4 calendar days, sometimes sooner, so please inquire.

Call or send an e-mail to inquire about proofreading websites, book manuscripts, screenplays, and miscellaneous documents.



Very experienced in proofreading and editing legal documents, just ask!


Types of $$$ Accepted

I utilize Wave Accounting for all of my accounting, invoicing, and payment needs. When I email a client the invoice, they simply click on the payment method and choose a credit card, debit card, or even a bank-to-bank transfer, all at no charge to the client!  It is as simple and as safe as PayPal, which I no longer utilize.

Sorry, but due to past issues, NO PAPER PAYMENTS ACCEPTED!


We Never Sleep Proofreading(SM) 

Professional Proofreading Services
*​​ Sole proofreader in USA v. Paul J. Manafort, Jr. criminal trial (Alexandria, VA - Aug 2018 - 2,500 pages).
* 1,097,063 pages read since November 2002!

* RealTeam™ proficient.

* Proofreading by utilizing Case CATalyst 21 or digitalCAT software. 

* Customer satisfaction is my number one priority.
  • Depositions
  • Civil/criminal state & federal court trials/hearings​​
  • Congressional hearings
  • U.S. Intl Trade Commission matters/hearings
  • Speeches
  • Meetings
  • Websites
  • Album liner notes
  • Screenplays



An experienced proofreader with a paralegal certificate and medical background available for your proofreading needs. 
I proofread with spot-check audio and make corrections directly in Case CATalyst 21 software.  


"I have used his services for several years and have been extremely pleased.  He has always met deadlines, is very thorough, and provides great service...He uses current references and does an excellent job."
-Chuck W. Motter, CCR, RDR, Missouri/Kansas 
(2006 to 2017)
"Many compliments from the attorneys and arbitrators of excellent transcripts.  Trust me, I let them know it was my team behind the scenes making me look good!"
-TJB, Texas (July 2021)
"Oh....  I love your criticisms!  And glowing personality."
-AKS, Official Reporter, Texas (Jan 2019)
"I have learned so much from you for the short time I have been using you and am forever grateful for your impeccable work."
-MAR, Semi-Retired Official Reporter, U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Virginia (Oct 2018)
"I pay you to be anal!"
-BAB, California (Oct 2015)
"Great job on this transcript . . . I'm learning a lot from you!"
-PAK, Mass. (Mar 2011)
"I've been reporting for 24 years and now, thanks to you, look like a seasoned professional.  You rock!"
-PJB, New Jersey (December 2008)
"We Never Sleep Proofreading provided us with proofreading services for our web site and automated e-mails. We are very pleased with the professionalism and quality of the job." Management Team, Israel (May 2008)



Misc Info


Dun & Bradstreet:  #82-737-5143

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